Un barrio de Medellín, y no es Provenza, es el más “cool” del mundo

A neighborhood in Medellín, and it is not Provenza, is the “coolest” in the world

The publication Time Out delivered the list of the 10 “coolest” neighborhoods in the world. In the top 10 there are five from Europe

Once again, the name of Medellín as a tourist destination is once again on the lists of international publications.

Every year, the tourism magazine Time Out polls its employees and collaborators around the world to compile a list of the 40 most fun, interesting and fashionable neighborhoods. For this 2023, the chosen one was one from the West of Medellín.

This is Laureles , which according to the media outlet has a “quite quiet reputation,” and it also highlights that the Atanasio Girardot sports unit is located in the area (although administratively it belongs to another commune) and the nighttime rumba corridor of the race. 70.

Among the aspects that caught the most attention of those consulted by Time Out is the wide range of places to eat fruit. The Carlos E. Restrepo area and the EnCicla mobility system also stand out.

In terms of entertainment , they recommend Living by Armóniko, Rituales Café, Chilaquiles and Tíbiri Bar.

They also allude to the fact that it was the neighborhood in which Karol G was born and raised (she actually lived near the Velodrome sector).

“Laureles still has a traditional Colombian neighborhood atmosphere, despite its growing popularity. “Fruit vendors push their carts through the circular streets as they have done for decades,” the publication reports.

This same publication had designated, in May 2022, the sector of Carrera 35 and Calle 10, in El Poblado, in Provenza, as one of the best avenues in the world, ranked 33rd.

tourist corridor

Betty Olaya, representative of the merchants of the 70 sector (a union of nearly 100 establishments) says that this recognition fills them with pride and joy, while at the same time they see it as a boost to a sector (bars and restaurants) that despite The current recovery is still greatly affected by the consequences of the pandemic.

Mrs. Olaya says that unlike other sectors, in Laureles the attractions go beyond entertainment and partying, the commune offers alternatives for culture, sports, heritage, in addition to maintaining its residential character.

Laureles was built in 1943 and its design was by the renowned Paisa artist Pedro Nel Gómez , who was based on Paris as a model with its parks, roundabouts, circular and diagonal avenues.

Starting from the chapel of the Pontifical Bolivarian University, he laid out streets, corridors and circulars that give Laureles an architecture different from the rest of the city.

According to data from the Mayor's Office of Medellín, Commune 11 of Laureles is made up of the neighborhoods Carlos E. Restrepo, Suramericana, Naranjal, San Joaquín, Los Conquistadores, Bolivariana, Laureles, Las Acacias, La Castellana, Lorena, El Velodromo, Stadium, Los Colores, Fourth Brigade and New Florida

Five of the 10 coolest neighborhoods are in Europe: the Havnen seafront in Copenhagen and the historic Smithfield neighborhood in Dublin appear for the first time on the list. In Asia, Hong Kong's lively Sheung Wan neighborhood gets the mention, and the best neighborhood in the United States is Mid-City, serving some of the best food in New Orleans (and that's saying a lot, considering Keep in mind that the whole city is famous for its good food)

This is the top 10 of Time Out

1. Laureles: Medellin, Colombia

2. Smithfield: Dublin, Ireland

3. Carabanchel: Madrid, Spain

4. Havnen: Copenhagen, Denmark

5. Sheung Wan: Hong Kong

6. East Brunswick: Melbourne, Australia

7. Mid-City, New Orleans

8. Isola: Milan, Italy

9. West: Amsterdam, Netherlands

10. Tomigaya: Tokyo, Japan

taken from El Colombiano

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