Rent in commercial real estate TerraKapital allows you to own m2 in commercial assets. Be the owner of a real estate, earn from its use, earn the appreciation, Have assets in land, Be TerraKapitalista

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  • High profitability, low risk

    Real estate is, by history, the most stable and least risky business. Own the best and most profitable properties.

  • Invest, Earn monthly, monitor

    You can invest from anywhere in the world, through our platform, monitor the returns of your investment, use the TerraKapital square meter market

  • Win Win

    Anti-inflation assets with high valuation and income from maximum exploitation earn from their use and earn from appreciation and capital gains

    High value real estate within everyone's reach

  • M2 TerraKapitalized

    600 m2

  • Current Capital

    $2,570 million pesos/Mcte

  • M2 Available

    600 m2

AI TerraKapital

Frequent questions

Land for All

TerraKapital allows access to land and properties of high value per m2, allowing real estate investments to be democratized for everyone.

AI TerraKapital

TerraKapital is an algorithm with

Following principles

All income to the fund must be represented by property in the name of TerraKapital

Each property is divided into the number of square meters it has.

The algorithm determines the number of meters to mine, its best use by demand (tourism, premises, productive lands) and its multiple. Conversion month due that will be between (0.5 and 2%)

TerraKapitalistas will be able to acquire the available square meters and activate the property to receive their passive income in real estate for the defined period.

Fixed Income for time

Receive a fixed income for as long as you are an investor, earn returns between (0.5 and 2%) depending on property

What is the legal model, how does it work?

We bring together investors with the common objective of buying and valuing square meters of high-potential real estate properties, to earn financial returns for their land exploitation (Tourism, AIRBNB, high demand mix, productive lands) or for their sale at an opportunity price

Allowing anyone to have real estate investments per m2

What are the steps to Invest?

Investing is very easy

1️⃣Select a property from the list of properties available to invest in TerraKapital
2️⃣Add the square meters you want to the cart!

3️⃣ Confirm and Enter the platform

From this moment on you will be able to monitor your investment from your account! And you will receive in your email the contract and share certificate that accredits you as owner.

You will receive an NFT token in your wallet that you can trade on the TerraKapital market

✅Start receiving income, value your square meters and start receiving income from your properties

What is the profitability of my investment?

Each property has different projected returns depending on the occupancy rate, stay value, cost of the property and fixed expenses.

The returns on our properties are made up of short-term rentals on AIRBNB + platforms and commercial operations on premises plus the capital gain from the appreciation of the property.

TerraKapital's algorithm will determine the token conversion factor for each property between 0.5 and 2% +IPC

Can I physically see the properties?

Yes, you can schedule an in-person visit to any of the properties with support. You will also find real photos and videos.

With your NFT in your wallet you can visit your property in the metaverse


TerraKapital algorithm

Blockchain Network, Land, Terras, Landowners

Terra token mined and backed up in physical m2

NFT by property

Investment monitoring app

MARKET PLACE of square meters, buy, offer

AI identification, classification and determination of profitability multiple on demand

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  • Juan Castro

    I invested savings in meters from a location in a high-traffic shopping center, on which I receive a fixed monthly income and complement my pension.

    I invest in land, now I own a highly valued real estate

  • Tatiana Blandon

    I earn much more than in a CDT, my money is not devalued, real estate is the best investment

  • Rosario Osorio

    I always wanted to be able to have a premium real estate portfolio. For the first time I have the best properties within my reach

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  • Capital

    Real estate manager

  • BYC

    accounting firm

  • Know How Legal

    Legal firm

  • Without debt

    Property research

  • SBI


  • Our work team

    We are a work team made up of, among others, a manager who is an expert in technology platforms, marketing, administration, finance, lawyers, commercial department, operations, design and support.

    None of us are as good as all of us together

  • Our offices

    We have a presence in some of the main cities in Colombia

    We have operations in Medellín, Bogota, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cali, Monteria, Caucasia

  • Our system

    TerraKapital was born to democratize access to real estate for everyone, you can access, invest and earn on our platform from anywhere in the world