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198 M2 1.8% MV Medellín PentHouse Poblado

198 M2 1.8% MV Medellín PentHouse Poblado

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Penthouse in the Village

220 m2 in the most exclusive sector of Medellin, 400 m from Provence

6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 tubs, lounge bar, jacuzzi, Turkish, BBQ

Present Value $800 millones pesos (220m2)

Issue Value $200 Million (40 m2)

Use : Reforms, endowment, interior design

TerraKapitalistas 1- 40

Value after valuation and activation: $1,200 Million (220m2)

Expected monthly return 1.5%

Land use
Tourism by platforms (Airbnb, Booking)

Monthly delivery of ~1.5% x M2 plus annual valuation for capital gains.

Anti inflation asset

Buy Assets, Buy M2, Be a Landowner TerraKapitalista

TerraPH_Mde1 Token






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